The holidays are just in front of us

Getting ready for the holiday season:

During the winter holidays, our body is subjected to more stress, tensions on our muscles, back pain… Our body is building and holding more toxins than usual.

  Reasons to book a massage during the holiday season:
  1. During the holidays, we aim to eat more junk food
  2. Consuming alcohol in a higher percentage
  3. Sleeping much less
  4. Treating yourself or your partner with a massage treatment will help you with detoxing the body
  5. Realising the tense muscles
  6. Massage treatments are affecting your body positively physically and mentally
  7. It’s improving the circulation
  8. Improving the skin condition
  9. Lowering the high blood pressure
  10. Relaxes your body and mind
  11. After the massage treatment, your body is ready to get more sleep
  12. Improving the flexibility of the muscle and joints
  13. Increase the flow of blood and nutrients around the body, which may help with cell repair and the removal of toxins from the body
  14. Boost the skin elasticity
  15. Helping with anxiety and fatigue
  16. Having a massage treatment will help you have much more pleasant holidays

Happy Holidays