Massage involves the use of the hands, or mechanical means, to manipulate the bodies’ soft tissue and in particular the muscles. The various movements used during a massage affect the skin, the muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic drainage channels, nerves and some of the internal organs.

Deep pressure can stimulate the body systems including the immune, the circulatory, the lymph and digestive systems, while slow more gentle movements can slow them down and relax them.

Massage will affect the body both physically and mentally.

–  The physical effects may be of benefit to many parts of the body including the skin, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and endocrine and the reproductive system.

–  After a massage circulation will be improved and so the tone and texture of the skin may be given a boost due to dead skin cells being removed, all of which in turn may help to improve skin colour.

  Massage may also help to boost the skins elasticity as the production of sebum may be increased which will moisturise the skin and help to fight infection.

–  The most noticeable effect of massage may be felt in the muscles as the treatment may help to remove a build up of lactic acid, which eases fatigue in over worked muscles.

  Massage may help to relieve muscle stiffness and to improve muscle tone and mobility which in turn may help to support good posture.

  –  In an indirect way the skeleton may benefit from massage as bones are found underneath the muscles and so if the muscle becomes less stiff then a joint may feel less tense.

  If the flexibility of a muscle is improved less pressure will be placed on the bones and joints which may help to improve posture.

–  The massage movements over the body help to increase the flow of blood and nutrients around the body which may help with cell repair and renewal and the removal of toxins from the body.

–  Gentle massage techniques may help to reduce stress in a person and help to relax them and subsequently may help with conditions such as high blood pressure.

–  Poor circulation which results in cold hands and feet may be improved by using a more stimulating massage.