What could be better than having a treatment in your home at a time that suits you? No rushing around in traffic, trying to find somewhere to park or taking time off work. Mobile massage therapy is a professional service that brings everything to you for a perfect treatment. Here are some common questions asked.

How long will the therapist take to set up and pack away?
Most therapists aim to set up and pack down within ten minutes.

Do I need to supply anything for the therapist for my treatment?
A good mobile massage therapist will bring everything required so you don’t need to supply anything other than somewhere for the therapist to wash their hands.

Do I need a lot of space?
No – only enough space to set up a couch.

How do I know if the therapist is professional and can be trusted?
Look out for a good quality website with good testimonials. Therapist qualifications should be displayed. You can ask the therapist to see their certificates and they should also be DBS checked.

How do I pay?
A good mobile therapist is equipped with card payment facility or you can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Be sure to check the price when you book and ask if there is a travelling fee on top.

Will mobile therapists visit places of work?
A good mobile therapist will be trained in onsite massage and you can arrange a quote for massages for you and your colleagues at places of work.

My friends and I are staying at a holiday cottage/mobile home – will a therapist visit us there?
If you and your friends want a special treat on your holiday you can book a mobile therapist to visit you and give you that spa experience at your holiday home.

I have teenagers – will a mobile therapist treat them?
Most mobile therapists are insured to treat young people as long as they are there with a parent or guardian.

I am elderly and/or disabled – will a mobile massage therapist treat me?
A good mobile therapist will be able to work around your needs and provide a treatment suitable to your requirements.